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Death certificate


This service enables you to submit a request for a copy to the communal office that has recorded a death. You may need this copy for certain administrative procedures, such as:
- requesting a survivor's pension,
- execution of a will,
- or for arranging a burial.


Your request will be sent to the registry office of the place of death.
Once sent, the status of your request will be "Sent".
While you request is being dealt with, the status will change to "Processing".
When your document is ready, you will be notified by e-mail and/or text message. The requested Death Certificate will then be sent to you by post, and your status will change to "Completed".
Note: You will only be able to make this request online, if the commune where the death is registered has signed up to macommune.lu. If said Commune has not signed up macommune.lu, you will need to contact them in person.

Please be aware that if the information in your request is incomplete or incorrect, your request will be refused.

Additional information

For further information on this electronic service, please consult the following page : guichet.lu

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