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Certificate of persons in household


This service allows you to place a request for a household composition certificate (certificat de composition de ménage) from your communal office. This document gives information regarding the number of people living at your address.
This certificate may be required for tax purposes, social security and legal matters, or for your local social security department.


Once sent, the status of your request will be Sent.

When a civil servant is dealing with your request, the status will change into Processing

When your document is ready, you will receive a notification by mail and/or text message. Your certificate will be available at the counter of your commune for you to go there and withdraw it, it will cost you 2€. The status will change into Completed.

Attention, if the information in your request is not correct, your request will be rejected.

Additional information

For more information about this teleservice, please follow this link: guichet.lu

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